Reconfigurable collaborative assembly

Name of demonstration

ODIN - project White goods usecase

Main objective

The use case objective is to improve the flexibility of the workstation, in terms of manipulating different White Goods parts (big, medium, small) while also achieving seamless HRC and safety standards.

Short description

The White Goods use case in ODIN H2020 project is derived from a collaborative application installed in the Microwave Factory of Biandronno Plant (Italy). Based on the reconfiguration scenarios defined earlier in our project, ODIN solution for white goods will showcase the capability of handling different product variations under the same workstation.

The white goods pilot will focus on the assembly of an electrical oven and a gas cooktop. These assembly operations include the installation of different parts such as transformers, cooktops and knobs, on the main body of the respective white goods product. A human operator performs these assembly operations, while a UR10 collaborative robot is feeding the human operator with the parts. A cardboard and a separator part are also included in the pilot, and the Cobot is also responsible for safely removing them from the table surface using a custom reconfigurable vacuum gripper.

Responsible person

ODIN Project Coordinator
Dr. Sotiris Makris
Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS),
University of Patras
Tel: +30-2610-910160
Fax: + +30-2610-997314


C27.5 - Manufacture of domestic appliances


HRC, ODIN, ODIN EU project, human robot collaboration.

Benefits for the users

Increased productivity due to high flexibility of the assembly system as the robot can handle various different components using the reconfigurable robot tooling.

The human motion intention module, AR operator support application and projector-based user interface improve the system flexibility and increase the ergonomy and the safety of the human operator.


  • Reconfigurable robot tooling
  • Intelligent object detection
  • Human motion intention tracking
  • Human gesture recognition
  • Smart  interfaces
  • Projector-based interface

Sectors of application

white goods industries, mechanical assembly.


ODIN demonstrator videos on project pages.

More details about ODIN white goods pilot demonstrator can be found from ODIN D5.4 Industrial Component – Refined Version

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