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Updated November 28, 2019

Who is responsible for Data Collecting and Processing?

Data controllers:

  1. TAMPEREEN KORKEAKOULUSAATIO SR (Project coordinator).

Address: Kalevantie 4, 33100, Tampere, Finland.


Address: Talonpojankatu 2, 67100, Kokkola, Finland.


Address: Hansine Hansens Veg 14, 9019, Tromso, Norway.

  1. INSTITUT JOZEF STEFAN (Participant).

Address: Jamova 39, 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  1. PANEPISTIMIO PATRON (Participant).

Address: University Campus Rio Patras, 265 04, Rio Patras, Greece.


Address: Muegyetem Rakpart 3, 1111, Budapest, Hungary.


Address: Hansastrasse 27c, 80686, Munchen, Belgium.

  1. FLANDERS MAKE VZW (Participant).

Address: Oude Diestersebaan 133, 3920, Lommel, Belgium.


Address: Dzerbenes Iela 14, 1006, Riga, Latvia.


Address: Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, 3001, Heverlee, Belgium.

  1. Fastems Oy Ab (Participant).

Address: Tuotekatu 4, 33840, Tampere, Finland.

  1. LP-MONTAGETECHNIK GMBH (Participant).

Address: In Der Reuth 111, 91056, Erlangen, Germany.

  1. F6S NETWORK LIMITED (Participant).

Address: Kemp House City Road 152-160, Ec1v 2nx, London, United Kingdom.

  1. UAB CIVITTA (Participant).

Address: Gedimino Avenue 27, 01104, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Address: Avenue Louise 66, 1050,  Bruxelles, Belgium.


Address: Gaustadalleen 21, 0349, Oslo, Norway.

What does this policy cover?

We are project’s TRINITY (Grant agreement ID: 825196) team (“our”, “us” and “we”). We will refer to you as “you” and “your”.

We value your privacy and the security of your data and we want to be transparent about the collection, use and sharing of information about you. This Privacy Policy is for your use of the services we make available (“Services”) and our website ( More information about our Services could be found here . Furthermore, this privacy policy covers open calls, applications and registrations organized by TRINITY.[*] It also applies to your interaction with us through other means such as web page, discussing or contracting our Services, direct conversations and events. Please do not access or use the Services or website if you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

We have produced this Privacy Policy to communicate and explain how we process personally identifiable information that we collect about you when you use the Services and interact with us such as:

  • How we collect information about you;
  • How we use information we collect;
  • How we share information;
  • How we control your information.

You have choices about the use of personally identifiable information which we hold about you. You can access, update and request the removal of the information we hold about you. If you don’t agree with the Policies, please do not access or use the Services, or interact with us.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect information to provide the Services. In order for us to provide the Services to you, we need to collect and use personally identifiable information as described in this Privacy Policy. The collection and processing of personal data by us is necessary to enable the relationship we have with you. The minimum information we collect about you is during the registration process using the following web site: For the purposes of the applicable data legislation, we are the ‘data controller’ in respect of your personal data. In general, we are responsible for the Policies and the handling of your personal data.

Information you give us. This includes personally identifiable information that you provide to us through our webpage.

Here are some examples where you may give us personally identifiable information:

  • Applicant’s Information – This includes the contact name and surname, company / organization name, person’s position in the company, phone number, email, sector of the company, PIC number. It also includes any messages you send or receive, any information you provide to us by other means such as email or forms, as well as any data you provide while using the Service;
  • Information we get automatically when you use the Services. This is personally identifiable information we receive and that is collected by automated systems involved in delivering the Services or when you take specific actions while using the Services.
  • Cookies – Cookies are little snippets which are downloaded to the device you are using while browsing on our website. We use cookies to enhance your overall experience on our website. Cookies are completely safe meaning that your personal data is well protected. You may refuse the use of cookies by managing your browser setting. However, if you do so, you may not be able to use the full functionality of the website.

Our website uses cookies to help us understand how people use the site and how we can improve our service. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

What information do we share about you?

Newsletter policy – We do not share the collected emails with third-parties. Parties who have access to these emails are project related only.

How we use the personally identifiable information we collect

  • In relation to our legal rights – We will use personally identifiable information about you as required by law and when we believe it is necessary to protect our legal rights/interests, the rights/interests of others and in relation to any legal claim, regulatory requirements, audits, disclosures in the event of an acquisition, merger or sale and compliance activities;
  • When you give us your consent – You can give us your consent to use your personally identifiable information in a way that is or is not covered by this Privacy Policy or any of the other Policies;
  • For marketing purposes – This means advertising, commercial affiliation, interacting with social media, remarketing and behavioral targeting, interacting with online survey platforms and public relations;
  • To communicate with you about the Services – We use information about your use of the Services, y\our contact information and other personally identifiable information to send you transactional communication that relate to your use of the Services. As examples, we may send you communication by e-mail or other means when you receive a message from another user of the Services or to confirm the details about claiming a benefit you’ve taken. You can control what communications we send to you in the settings section of the Services, which includes the option to unsubscribe from all communications other than core service messages and system functions like password reset.

Legal basis of our processing of your personal data

We will only collect and process your personally identifiable information where we have a valid legal basis for doing so.

In general, we collect and use your personally identifiable information where:

  • We have a legitimate interest. This is applicable when the interest is not overridden by your data protection interests;
  • We need to do so in order to deliver you the services;
  • You give us your consent to collect and use your personally identifiable information; or
  • We need to process your personally identifiable information to be in compliance with our legal obligations.

As set out above, in some cases, the legal basis for the processing of your personal data is your consent. This is the case, for example, if you agree to us emailing you with relevant information. In other cases, the processing will be necessary for the purposes of our providing you with the Services as referred to in this Privacy Policy.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to use your personally identifiable information for a specific purpose at any time. Removing your consent will not change any processing that has already occurred. If you do withdraw your consent, and if we do not have another legal basis for processing your personally identifiable information, then we will stop processing your personal data. If we do have another legal basis for processing your personally identifiable information, then we may continue to do so subject to your legal rights. If we are processing your personally identifiable information because we or a third-party have a legitimate interest you have the right to remove consent, but this may mean that it is no longer possible for you to use the Services.

Security of your information

We are committed to the security and privacy of your personal data. We collect and process your data in accordance with all applicable national and EU legislation, including General Data Processing Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

The data gathered through questionnaires, interviews, observational studies at the workplace, focus groups, workshops and other possible data gathering methods during this research will be, as far as reasonably possible, pseudenymized and/or anonymised, so that the data cannot be traced back to the individual.

Data will be stored only in pseudonymized (or, where applicable, anonymous) forms so the identities of the participants will only be known by the research partners involved. Raw data like interview protocols and audio files will be shared within the consortium partners only after having signed the confidentially agreement and after appropriate pseudonymization / anonymization by the consortium member who has collected the data.

Reports based on interviews, focus group and other data gathering methods will be based on aggregated information and comprise anonymous quotations respectively.

The collected data will be stored on password-protected servers at the partner institution responsible for data collection and analysis.

The data will be used only within the project and will not be made accessible for any third party.

It will not be stored after the end of the project (incl. the time for final publications) unless required by specific national legislation.

Access and Control of your Information

By law, you can ask us what information we hold about you, you can ask us to correct it if it is inaccurate or delete it, you can also ask us to change your preferences regarding how we use your information. Please submit your information requests at According to law, your request should be completed within 30 days from the moment you submit it, provided we can authenticate your identity.

[*] Open calls and registration: The information required includes the contact name and surname, company /  organization name, person’s position in the company, phone number, email, sector of the company, PIC number.
Applications: TRINITIY will publish only the basic information received from applications (name of the proposal, partners, total budget and a short abstract of the selected projects.

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