SME Demonstrators

Demonstration program 1 (2020-2021)

The DynaMo project aims to apply the RTDMP bin picking mechanism in agile manufacturing hence, increasing flexibility, adaptability and agility in robotic picking systems.
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The objective of the SALSA2d is to install a 3D online-offline robotic programming platform for digital teaching, commissioning and monitoring. This project provides custom software with flexible and agile automation.
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The ARGRIND project is an industrial robot for grinding tools that perfroms fast grinding production of metal parts, controls human-machine interface and monitors the profuction process.
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AGILE advanced robotic solutions boost the agility of the automotive sector by applying the TRINITY robotics solutions (HRC) and AI machine tools.
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The project's goal is the development of a Smart Monitoring infrastructure which will improve the 4.0 industry, using the high-predictability mechanism to collect and analyse data.
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The ALGOFAP project intends to advance agile manufacturing through optimised internal production logistics in order to address the complexity of AMR and the installation of a system of different brands.
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The EACHPack comprises a robot-centred solution system for simple integration of production lines, which picks different parcel posts and classifies them into corresponding containers.
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The project's objective is to establish an effective CBM solution for robotics that will prevent any false detections, integrate sensors for voice command and distribute supply chain certification.
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The LMD-AUTO project is a solutions module whose target is the establishment of an automated laser-cladding process in order to save time and improve the efficiency of a laser-cladding cell.
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The LOMSAS project intends to provide a low-cost infrastructure for manufacturing that will facilitate track/tracing and safety conditions for workers through IoT testbeds.
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This project demonstrates a smart robotics automation for optimised production based on a modular machine platform that monitors and controls quality functionalities in line with human factors.
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RoboLibri corresponds to a high Intralogistics Automation, an autonomous and interactive robot in agile production that provides a high level of intralogistics, precise product location, direct information for users and high system flexibility.
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This 3D technology uses an arc welding process to produce metal parts additively which will reduce material waste and the production time for customised industrial pipeline clamps.
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" RoSo-UPB's ambition is to automate the classification process of cylindrical cells and consumer batteries with the aim of recycling and re-using batteries' metals. "
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TRAINMAN-MAGOS integrates the use of robotics and human intelligence, focusing on shortening the production time and increasing the production flexibility and the quality of the end-product.
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ROBOBEND presents a bending robot with a simple hardware and control system solution, which is completely operated by an integrated intelligent system.
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The X-Weld project inteds to install an automated system for robotised welding, applying advanced offline programming, including sensors for robot calibration.
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Digi-SAAP demonstrated collaborative screwdriver applications in agile manufacturing to strengthen flexibility and reduce the programming time, ensuring high screw quality.
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The ECON's target centres around making electric motor manufacturing more agile, thus improving productivity, minimising waste material, and increasing economic-social gains.
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