ODIN Vision-Based Mobile Platform

Main functionalities

The TECNALIA platform is a mobile manipulator integrating two KUKA LBR iiwa robots. The main
advantages of the system are the following:
• Fully integrated hardware-software of robot arms and base.
• Easy to use by means of ROS framework.
• Omnidirectional base and considerable speed.

Technical specifications

The mobile platform is equipped with 4x 1000W brushless mecanum wheels providing omnidirectional
mobility. It provides 500 kg of payload and is able to move safely at 1 m/s speed. With the equipped batteries
it has an autonomy around 6-8 hours.
Regarding the manipulators, there are two KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R800 arms mounted on top of the platform.
Each manipulator has an 800 mm of maximum reach, 7 DOF and 7 kg of payload.


Owner (organization)


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