ODIN ML SW solution for inspection of automotive engines

Main functionalities

The ML solution for quality inspection (QI) consists of a system that can work on inspecting quality of automotives engines in real time. The QI system incorporates two main modules or tools, a) a learning tool module and b) a production tool module. ML solution is an industrial software for Quality inspection process for nonexperts operators.

Technical specifications

The QI system can work with different cameras 2D and 3D, integrated on any robot arm or in fixed position. In addition, the system can work with engines either in static position or in movement.

This asset includes an innovative system based on anomaly detection that permits the creation of datasets for inspection quite easily, saving thus a lot of time in training which usually is time consuming.

Owner (organization)

DGH Robótica, Automatización y Mantenimiento Industrial, S.A.

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