KMR External Control Module

Main functionalities

This module allows to control a KUKA KMR from an external PC. With this module, programming a specific application with KMR iiwa becomes intuitive using skill-based programming approach. The PC which runs the application connects to the mobile robot over WLAN and provides an API in order to send parametrized skills to the mobile robot remotely. The mobile robot controller runs a UDP Server listening to the messages sent by the external controller on the specific port.

Technical specifications

The robot is programmed using the native programming environment (Sunrise Workbench). The different skills and functionalities of the mobile robot and arm are defined in this programming environment. From the controlling computer, API requests are sent and received in the mobile robot controller that corresponds to a defined skill. The localization skills are programmed in a modular method allowing them to be easily reused. The available skills are: current location check, move to waypoints, move to location, fine localization.

Inputs and outputs

For the external control module to be used, a map of the environment should be built and the locations, waypoints and zones can be defined on the built map in the KUKA map perspective. The robot arm also possesses predefined skills such as pick and place. Due to the low precision of the mobile platform in general, a calibration skill is available and uses the arm in order to obtain a precise X,Y offset data that will then result in a precise grasp of the robot arm.

Formats and standards

ISO/TS 15066:2016
ISO 10218-1/2

Training material


Owner (organization)

Flanders Make


To learn more about the solution, click on the link below to access the training on the Moodle platform
KMR External Module

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