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Main functionalities

Our team has created intuitive software tools that seamlessly merge teaching, simulation and control of industrial robots. The result is an intuitive and versatile automation platform. The platform is agnostic to robot vendor and modular by design. Users can now manage, monitor and configure their robot cell from one software platform. No more jumping between expensive proprietary software applications, no more custom post-processors and no more commissioning online with a pendant. All this can be performed remotely from one software platform.

Technical specifications

  • Industrial PC
    • Ubuntu 20.04
    • ROS Noetic running in a docker container
    • Local ethernet network connected to:
      • Industrial Robot Controller
      • Industrial Raspberry Pi
      • Force Sensor (optional)
      • 3D Camera (optional)
      • HQ Raspberry Pi Camera

Inputs and outputs

Communication runs over the ROS (Robotic Operating System) bus using the TCP/IP protocol. An external axis servo operates over CANopen via a PLC also on the ROS bus. The two schematics attached show the technology stack overview and inputs/outputs. The key is as follows:

Red : ROS software

Green : Configuration files

Yellow : Human machine interface

Orange : Robot hardware

Blue : Hardware peripherals (e.g. IOT devices)

Formats and standards

Formats: ROS, ROS-I, TCP/IP, CANopen

Standards: IEC 61508 (Functional Safety of Electrical / Electronic / Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems)

Training material


Owner (organization)

Rivelin Robotics


Tech stack schematic

Tech stack schematic

Architecture schematic

Architecture schematic

Digital Twin

Digital Twin
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