User-friendly human-robot collaborative tasks programming

Name of demonstration

User-friendly human-robot collaborative tasks programming

Short description

This demonstrator introduces a new method of programming robotic applications which is intuitive, user-friendly and requires no prior robot programming expertise. Intuitive features of programming such as by using HMI, speech, and teaching by demonstration will allow the creation/modification of robotic applications in a cost and time-effective manner. This use case will target SMEs and large-scale industries requiring flexible assembly solutions.

Owner of the demonstrator

Flanders Make

Responsible person

dr. ir. Raheel Afzal,


C28 - Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.


Collaborative robots, Human-robot interaction, ROS, Middleware, Intuitive Programming.

Potential users

The potential users can be any company small or large that has the need to deploy robots. It is especially useful for companies that produce in small volumes and batch sizes.

Benefits for the users

Large reduction in programming time (vendor-independent) that leads to cost saving. The required operator training to create robot applications is reduced. The functionalities are presented as add-on module that gives intuitive programming ability to any robot.


The innovation is in the way of programming. Rather than long lines of code, this method allows programming by demonstration and use of robot skills. Thus, these skills can be concatenated in the required order by unskilled users. These skills can also be reused as required in a future iteration or change.

Risks and limitations

The demonstrator is based on ROS. A thorough functional safety analysis is required before deployment. 

Technology readiness level


Sectors of application


Potential sectors of application

The potential is there for any sector that has a need for robotics. Therefore, medical sector, service sector and food sector can also deploy this technology with necessary constraints.

Hardware / Software


Robot arm

Control PC


Robot driver



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