Virtualization of a Robot Cell with a Real Controller

Name of demonstration

Virtualization of a Robot Cell with a Real Controller

Main objective

The main objective for the demonstrator is that a virtual model can substitute physical hardware in the context of training, testing and simulating the various functions of a flexible robotic cell.

Short description

This module enables the control of simulated manufacturing hardware using a real controller. The simulated hardware is represented in a real-time 3D-environment which can be used for demonstrating actual system functionality, training employees, virtual commissioning and testing production operations for new parts. These activities can be done before the system even exists or after commissioning when they can be done without disturbing the ongoing production. This way changes can be made and tested without losing valuable production time. It also means that the layout design can be iterated multiple times before committing to the final one. 

Owner of the demonstrator

Fastems Oy Ab

Responsible person

Teemu-Pekka Ahonen, Product Manager, Fastems Oy Ab


M71.1.2 - Engineering activities and related technical consultancy


Manufacturing, Simulation, Training, Virtual commissioning, Robotics.

Potential users

SMEs in the metal cutting industry, Educational establishments wanting to teach about agile manufacturing in metal cutting industry

Benefits for the users

For SMEs: faster and safer ramp-up, reduced risk when making changes to production, safer and more efficient training for employees, reduced uncertainty when planning for the future 


For education: cheap, compact and safe alternative to a physical robot cell, allows teachers to create interactive learning exercises to teach the fundamental concepts of agile manufacturing and robotics.


The innovation in this module comes from the interface and communication method between the virtual model and the production control software. Previously this type of communication between the Fastems MMS and Visual Components was not possible. 

Risks and limitations

This use case requires Windows 10, Visual Components 4.2 and Fastems specific hardware and software. Without these, the use of the described use case is not possible. 

Technology readiness level

6 - Safety approved sensors and systems are commercially available

Sectors of application

Manufacturing sector: training and simulating the production off-line, Educational sector: teaching agile manufacturing without real robot system hardware.

Hardware / Software


Fastems cell controller

Workstation PC


Fastems MMS

Visual Components

Windows 10


To learn more about the solution, click on the link below to access the training on the Moodle platform
Virtualization of a robot cell with a real controller

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