SHARKY: Worker-centric programing tools for free designing of lightweight aluminium-based products

Name of demonstration

SHARKY: Worker-centric programing tools for free designing of lightweight aluminium-based products

Main objective

The main objective is to demonstrate the Automation of the production in a difficult environment, integrating technologies for smart agile manufacturing, in an easy to use and flexible worker-centric programming approach to leverage the free desing of lightweight aluminium-based products.

Short description

Metal structures will be welded using the innovative “Dummy Tools” method (6DoF Measuring), preventing welding workers from exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. Collaborative robots will perform the heaviest welding activities, following the data provided by the dummy tools.


This demonstration has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825196.

Owner of the demonstrator

AITIIP Technology Centre

Responsible person

Alberto Laguia – R&D Advanced Manufacturing


C30.1 - Building of ships and boats


Robotics, Vision System, Motion Planning, human-robot collaboration, safety, Industry 4.0, Machine Vision, automation, Additive manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, WAAM.

Benefits for the users

The project will permit to increase the market segment by empowering and automating the product production chain in the company, as in the case of their current welded brands production capaticy will be increased in 40%, delivery time reduced in 25%, as the traceability and the automation will permit to reduce the scraps and quality defects in 30%. Set up time will be reduced in 20%, as the increase of 60% of the digitization will allow the human-robot collaboration to improbe the operators work quality in 50% and reduce the injuries and labour illnesses in 50%. Full mass customization of the production will be achieved.


SHARKY ROBOTIC ASSISTED WELDING SYSTEM:System will enable easier programming capabilities. The system will be composed of 6Dof cameras to track the position of the Dummy Tool at all times (position and orientation recording), at the same time, the Dummy Tool will have 6DoF sensors that will be recognised by the cameras to track the position and orientation of the tool. All this allows the operator to reduce programming time, as well as avoiding exposure to intense light and dangerous fumes caused by welding processes. Innovative hardware and software system allow the company to increase its potential capacity for automatise the welding chains actuating directly on the baud rate and the time exposure for the workers to the main welding risks (high intensity lights and dangerous fumes).

Risks and limitations

Since it is a machine vision trajectory sensing system, a high level of cleanliness in the ambient air is required. Dusty environments, large amounts of smoke... could prevent the correct capture of points, leading to errors in the trajectories. The high intensity of the light generated by the welding process could cause severe damage to the cameras of the spot detection system, it is advisable to avoid exposing all these systems. High knowledge of MIG/MAG welding processes is required, as well as previous training in the use of these tools.

Technology readiness level


Sectors of application

MEDIUM SIZE ALUMINIUM BOATS: Applications for the production of automatic and customisable welding seams ( accessible areas for the robot)..

Potential sectors of application

All types of industries where customised welding processes are required (taking into account the geometrical constraints of the robot).

Patents / Licenses / Copyrights
Hardware / Software


Industria robots with 6 DOF, Cameras for point capture, Dummy tool to trak

Cameras for point capture

Dummy tool to record the needed trajectory

Welding machine




Destinated software for the comunication between all systems

Dummy tool during a trajectory recording. Using colours and geometry to track the welding wire tip.
Project logo
Concept of the project: Dummy tool to record the needed trayectories in a welding process
Dummy tool design for welding aproaches

Promotional video: Showing the objectives and possibilities of the SHARKY project.

Dummy Tool OPEN DAY presentation.

Executive video: Showing the main conceps and results of SHARKY project.

No modules assigned


To learn more about the solution, click on the link below to access the training on the Moodle platform
Worker-centric programming tools for free designing of lightweight aluminium-based products

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