RAISE (Robots as an Intelligent Services Ecosystem)

Name of demonstration

RAISE (Robots as an Intelligent Services Ecosystem)

Main objective

The objective of the RAISE™  project was to turn the manufacturing servitization trend to the benefit of robotic manufacturers developing a   Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS)  platform demonstrating the possibility for 3rd party providers to offer value-adding services (e.g. prognostic maintenance, production intelligence, insurance, and payment services ..) to  Industrial     Robots manufacturers by means of new open interoperability standards (e.g. the Robotics open standard by OPC UA).

Short description

The demonstrator was based on the Equipment as a Service (EaaS) platform of prime proposer MYWAI SRL custom enhanced for a world-leading Robots Manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric™, with the engagement of Italian and Lithuanian Insurtech and Neurocomputing start-ups YOLO SRL and Neurotechnologijos UAB.

Owner of the demonstrator


Responsible person

CEO MYWAI Fabrizio Cardinali, f.cardinali@myw.ai


C28.4.9 - Manufacture of other machine tools


Robotics, Machine Learning, IoT - Cybersecurity - Artificial Intelligence - Predictive Maintenance – Revamping, iot, artificial neural networks.

Benefits for the users

The RAISE™ Project enables robotic machine tool vendors to manage their  Robotic fleet as an Intelligent Services EcoSystem using AI, IIoT and DLTs at the very edge of Industrial Robots working in Real World today and in the Productive Metaverse tomorrow.To date the RAISE™ project has piloted delivering advanced Servicetech (e.g. prescriptive and prognostic maintenance), Insurtech (e.g. parametric insurances and warranty extension) and Fintech (e.g. pay per use, pay per outcome) services to Robotic Workforces using the standard OPC UA™ Robotics Information Model to interface Robots and their digital twins to the MYWAI™ EaaS (Equipment as a Service) Platform.


The RAISE platform supports the delivery of Artificial Intelligence based Prognostic Maintainance and Production Quality Control at the very edge of Industry 4.0 machiner via Time Series Smart Data Labelling, MLOPS AI Pipeline Build UP followed by Edge, Fog or Cloud Delivery of developed algorythms also supporting chip based delivery of neural networks

Risks and limitations

The RAISE demonstrator helps robotic machine tool vendors to move towards a producta as a service model in order to cope with the slow down and rocky performance during pandemi and war period

Technology readiness level

7 - System model in operational environment

Sectors of application

Robotics .

Potential sectors of application

Maintenance, Quality Control

Patents / Licenses / Copyrights
Hardware / Software


The Demonstrator was based on a proprietary edge computer and IMU sensors by MYWAI


d on the mYWAI Equipment as a Service platform provided by MYWAI

Demonstrator set up in the MITUSBISHI ELECTRIC BV (Filiale Italiana) DEMO ROOM in Vimercate Italy (jpeg)

Project Intro Video


Commented Video


To learn more about the solution, click on the link below to access the training on the Moodle platform
Robots as an intelligent services ecosystem

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