Probot Oy

Name of demonstration

Probot Oy

Main objective

To integrate a system capable of conveying, identifying, labelling and sorting out used portable batteries. In addition, the two following sub-objectives were set as well:

1.     To have cognitive system which is agilent to future variation in the fraction, as well as


2.     Validate the usability of AI based machine vision system with real-world industrial process

Short description

The project Robotic Sorter for Used Portable Batteries, or RoSo_UPB, focused on examining the recyckle process for used portable batteries from the point-of-view of automatic sorting. In the project, various methods for identifying the type of battery were investigated and listed. Based on these methods, the most efficient ones were selected for testing them in practice as well as forming suggestions for making the sorting of the used portable batteries automatically. One of the main goals of the project was to form a realistic overview on how the sorting should be done in practice when automated – and trough this overview, to bring the end-user closer for the real-world application.

Owner of the demonstrator

Probot Oy

Responsible person

Mr. Matti Tikanmäki


E38.3.2 - Recovery of sorted materials


Robotics, Machine Vision, modular, automation, concepting.

Benefits for the users

Agile recycling and sorting automation made cost-efficiently


Enabling affordable automation and robotics for application which has typically expensive solutions only

Risks and limitations


Technology readiness level

6 - Safety approved sensors and systems are commercially available

Sectors of application

Recycling industry.

Potential sectors of application

Various potential sectors, especially those processes that depends on sorting and identification skills

Hardware / Software





No media items assigned

No modules assigned


To learn more about the solution, click on the link below to access the training on the Moodle platform
Robotic Sorter for Used Portable Batteries

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