Digitization of collaborative Screwdriver Applications in Agile Productions

Digitization of collaborative Screwdriver Applications in Agile Productions

Digi-SAAP demonstrated collaborative screwdriver applications in agile manufacturing to strengthen flexibility and reduce the programming time, ensuring high screw quality.

The solution

With the SD35 screwdriver, the technology user will get reduced production cycles of 40-60%, due to implementing automation in the production line and the removal of human errors. Along with this, the technology user also gets a pick-and-place solution, which comes right off the shelves, this due to the price and low integrator cost which comes with a low ROI of 12-14 months, compared to other traditional products on the market. The solution also makes it possible to get a detailed online quality assessment of each screw, and data such as torque will be stored in the device or cloud and can be used to incorporate the tool in industry 4.0 setups.


Every day, millions of screws and bolts are mounted in the European manufacturing industry by employees with handheld screwdrivers in everything from windows to cars & electronic products. The Trinity demonstrator shows how to automate high/Mix – low/volume productions involving screw assembly task, by introducing an easy-to use system which is fast to setup and program. The Easy teaching is ensured by using a small teach pen to pinpoint each screw insertion hole. The system comes with different robot apps e.g. for UR and Omron TM robots to ensure ease of use and a cloud logging system to store torque data.


Manual screwdrivers are the norm in most assembly lines, as they are cheap and can handle the task of screwing. When using manual screwdrivers, employees are presented with strain to the body and the operation can be process to human errors due to fatigue. With robots, these factors are eliminated, and every screw will be inserted unison with precise torque. The SD35 innovates the market by making it possible for all enterprises to get access to a robotic assembly workforce, since it has a low implementation, time/cost, and the fact that there is no need to change the setup of the production line. Accidents can happen in a production line, but due to the safety features, such as the safety shield of the SD35, those accidents will be eliminated.

Facts and figures

  • Technology Area:

    Robot Cell Development

  • End User:

    Electronic & Automotive industry and companies with final assembly applications

  • Start Date - End Date:

    01/07/2020 - 30/06/2021

  • Duration:

    12 months

  • FSTP Funding:

    136,439.00 £

  • TRL Level at Start:


  • TRL Level at End:


  • Number of early adopters raised:


  • Project results
    My Experience, so far, with the SD35 collaborative screwdriver, is very promising, I am looking forward to seeing it in a real working area

    Kristian A.F. Revall Thorsen, Platform Architect, Danfoss Drives

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