AMR Logistics Orchestration For Agile Production

AMR Logistics Orchestration For Agile Production

The ALGOFAP project intends to advance agile manufacturing through optimised internal production logistics in order to address the complexity of AMR and the installation of a system of different brands.

The solution

Flagstone developed software tools that allow event driven orchestration of AMRs, driven by ERP/WMS, AMR/PLC and operator input. The modular structure enables an easy extension of new orchestration implementations and hardware of other brands. Sirris developed the necessary automation add-ons to allow easy docking, loading and unloading of AMRs. These prototype solutions were implemented and tested in the demonstrator at Altachem.


As optimisation of internal production logistics is crucial to become more agile, we are still struggling with the fact that integrating a task driven AMR solution is still very complex, the loading and unloading is still too slow (docking) and it is difficult to combine systems of different brands. As a result, the ROI becomes unclear which prevents implementation by the SMEs.


The relevance of automating intralogistics with different AGVs and AMRs in a task driven way is more relevant than ever before. From manual transport to automated transport in production is a trend that will continue in the coming years as logistics activities are 'non-value-added' tasks for machine operators. Improving production logistics has become a point of attention for many companies and they are also looking at the possibilities of AMRs and AGVs.
The orchestration of different brands of AGVs and AMRs is hardly present on the market and provided a much-needed flexible way of choosing the right hardware components. The modular approach ensures that it can also be used for other applications.

Facts and figures

  • Technology Area:

    Reconfigurability, Agile manufacturing

  • End User:

    Manufacturing companies

  • Start Date - End Date:

    01/07/2020 - 30/09/2021

  • Duration:

    15 months

  • FSTP Funding:

    252 903,51 €

  • TRL Level at Start:


  • TRL Level at End:


  • Number of early adopters raised:


  • Project results
    Izabella Zschaber Sampaio from Atlas Copco was inspired by the demonstrator as they had a similar challenge on their shopfloor. We are currently in communication with Atlas Copco.

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