TRINITY DIH: Connecting, Educating, and Facilitating European SMEs for Agile Production

2020 05 15

The first TRINITY workshops interested a large crowd at ERF2019, where project partners collected positive feedback and ideas to further develop the project. Gathering the vision of the European robotics community has been key to target the most critical agile manufacturing technical challenge that we need to start solving first. With this information, we can build the TRINITY network of DIHs, which are meant to be the most comprehensive source for all Robotics, Industrial IoT and Cyber Security solutions that the European manufacturing industry might have. Everything was also shared in our public workshop report to benefit the community.

In this year’s ERF2020 TRINITY workshops, we therefore focused particularly on the Agile Production through the setting up of one workshop, and on the heavily cross-cutting Cyber Security through the organization of two workshops. All these activities are presented in the following sections.

TRINITY is tackling the agile manufacturing challenges of European companies with its main target on SMEs. This workshop was a continuum to the successful first TRINITY workshop arranged at ERF2019. At first, the organizers presented the output of that workshop and the conclusions. In this 2020 workshop, an update was given on how TRINITY has progressed. The organizers presented the findings from the European wide TRINITY survey to learn what the companies are looking for in terms of robotics, IoT and cyber security – the three main thematic areas of TRINITY. Afterwards, TRINITY stakeholders presented some latest technological solutions that can help SMEs in transitioning towards agile production. For SMEs to reap the benefit from these technological solutions, TRINITY provides a pan-European portal. In the interactive part of this Workshop, deeper insights have been gathered on how this portal can assist the SMEs and how it can benefit them. The main focus was on training, education and connecting to the right partner. The workshop concluded with company’s inputs and discussion of how to cooperate with TRINITY.

Interested in reading the full report? Click here to download it.

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