Report: Unlocking the potential of industrial human–robot collaboration

2020 02 18

A vision on industrial collaborative robots for economy and society
This report offers a vision on collaborative industrial robotics based on 10 assessment criteria. It makes seven recommendations for inclusion in the framework for the preparation of the strategic plan of Horizon Europe:
1) keep investing in basic robotics research for true human–robot collaboration;
2) develop a European strategy for robotics;
3) involve multidisciplinary teams including social and human sciences in collaborative projects to achieve useful applications;
4) develop low-liability experimental areas;
5) accelerate private investments in cobot technologies and applications;
6) encourage standardisation activities in EU projects for better market adoption and develop a single digital market;
7) encourage science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in schools and lifelong learning in the workplace.

The report concludes that industrial collaborative robots are a unique technology that with proper management has the potential to improve both the economy and society while embracing Europe’s values.
Read the full report here.

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