IIoT Network Device Positioning

Main functionalities

This module provides the simulation environment d3vs1m in order to compute the optimal distribution of the network devices, e.g. located inside a physical building. It takes a 3D model of the building and other additional properties of the mobile radio devices as input and simulates the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Depending on the simulation result, an optimal distribution of the network devices is calculated.

Technical specifications

Processor – 1 GHz
RAM – 512 MB
Disk space (Minimum)
32-bit – 4.5 GB
64-bit – 4.5 GB

Inputs and outputs

JSON configuration files
OBJ files (Wavefront) as 3D environment
JSON files with meta information
CSV files as simulation data report
HTTP+JSON on web service

Formats and standards

The simulation modules are developed completely in C# and based on the .NET Standard 2.0. This can be seen as the contract to multiple target environments that can execute the application logic. The provided runtime may be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac or even mobile or industrial computers. The modules can be used on every system where one of the following runtime versions is installed:

.NET Core Runtime or .NET Core Software Development Kit (SDK), version 3.1 with long term support (LTS) is recommended.
.NET Framework 4.8 Runtime or Development Pack
.NET 5 Runtime or SDK

The application uses different file formats and APIs summarized in the following list:

REST-full API: the interface of the web service provides HTTP+JSON endpoints
JSON files as input and output configuration
CSV files as simulation data report

Owner (organization)

Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU), https://www.iwu.fraunhofer.de/


Online repository of the source code, licenses, API and user documentation: https://github.com/adriansinger87/d3vs1m


To learn more about the solution, click on the link below to access the training on the Moodle platform
IIoT Network Device Positioning

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