Digital Shopfloor Smart Production

Main functionalities

This module is the front-end user interface of the Manufacturing Execution System, which creates a paperless shopfloor with a high user experience. It is a web-app which uses its own database to store all data and to interface with the ERP to exchange all order-related information. It functions as the interface between the operator and the shopfloor. The user interface is ergonomic, user friendly and designed with a mobile first approach, making it usable on both tablets with touch screens as on classic mouse driven thin clients, as long as they feature a modern browser. The operators get clear instructions on what work is expected of them, while they can easily check the status of the AMR’s. All interactions of the operators and the AMR’s with the MES are logged and are be used to report on OEE and other statistical analysis.

Technical specifications

The product is written in .NET

Inputs and outputs

Inputs : On the data side, order information is received from the ERP, with details of manufacturing and BoM. On the operator side, screen manipulations like control buttons are recorded resulting in actions. On the AMR side, sensor data and route waypoints are received to show status and progression. Outputs : On the data side, order information and status is sent back to the ERP. On the operator side, clear instructions are given on expected work. On the AMR side, routing is sent to the AMR’s.

Formats and standards


Owner (organization)


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