• Date & time

    2019-11-18 12:00:00

  • Location

    Flanders Make Lommel - Oude Diestersebaan 133, 3920 Lommel

  • Duration

    4,5 hours, CET

Join EU TRINITY project team at workshop on flexible production organized by Flanders Make and Voka.


The new technologies that follow each other quickly offer opportunities for companies to respond to a rapidly changing market demand. Companies that organize their production in a very flexible and agile manner can produce ‘personalized’ products at acceptable costs. An example of such a new technology is collaborative robotics in which the strengths of the technology (repeatability and accuracy) are combined with the strengths of the employee (flexibility and creativity). Physical or mental strain is prevented.

These technologies from Industry 4.0 offer great opportunities for existing and new companies.


This event, in collaboration with Voka, will take place at Flanders Make – Lommel on November 18, 2019, from 12:00 to 16:30. 


12 noon: Reception with sandwiches

12.45 pm: Welcome with interactive survey participants – Veroniek Hermans (Voka) and Georges Verpoorten (Flanders Make)

13.00: Cobots in the manufacturing industry – Shirley Elprama (imec-SMIT-VUB)

1.20 pm: Flexible working cells with cobots – Patricia Leconte (Flanders Make)

1.40 pm: Presentation of the AR / MR project – Jeroen Vancraen (Flanders Make)

1.50 pm: Flanders Make demos

2.45 pm: Successful business case – Jorg Hendrikx (Vlegel.Technology)

3.15 pm: Trinity project and open call – Asad Tirmizi (Flanders Make)

3.30 pm: Call for participation in the Collaborative Work Cell 4.0 and COTEMACO –Ger Van den Kerkhof Projects (Flanders Make)

3.45 pm: Interactive feedback and next steps of the projects – Veroniek Hermans (Voka) and Georges Verpoorten (Flanders Make)

4 pm: Open end with network drink


R&D Managers, CTOs, owner-entrepreneurs from the manufacturing industry, etc.


The event is free, but registering online is mandatory. Register here >>>

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