SMACHA Scripting Engine for Task Execution Control

SMACHA is a meta-scripting, templating, and code generation engine for rapid prototyping of ROS SMACH state machines that can be used for task execution control.

SMACH is an exceptionally useful and comprehensive task-level architecture for state machine construction in ROS-based robot control systems. However, while it provides much in terms of power and flexibility, its overall task-level simplicity can often be obfuscated at the script-level by boilerplate code, intricate structure and lack of code reuse between state machine prototypes. SMACHA (short for “State Machine Assembler”, pronounced “smasha”) aims at distilling the task-level simplicity of SMACH into compact YAML scripts in the foreground, while retaining all of its power and flexibility in Jinja2-based templates and a custom code generation engine in the background.

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