Methods-Time Measurement Universal Analysis System

Main functionalities

System of predetermined time units to calculate the manual effort of the human in production environments. Results of the analysis are useful for various business operations, such as planning future operations, calculations, change management, optimisation and the visualisation of the current process state. The process state can be divided into value adding processes (primary activities) and non-value adding activities. One purpose of the described analysis method is to increase the percentage of primary activities in a process.

Technical specifications

MTM (Methods-Time Measurement) is a procedure for analysing work processes and determining planned times.
MTM is ideal to create work processes to achieve high benefit and to eliminate waste already in the planning phase. In this case, workplaces can be ergonomically designed and ensure that work does not make the worker/employee sick.
MTM finds its justification, especially in the planning processes. To create an analysis only knowledge about the structure of the work system as well as an idea of ​​the planned work processes are necessary. In contrast to the time recording by means of a stopwatch (REFA), it is not necessary to find an existing process or workplace for the application of the MTM method.

Inputs and outputs

In order to conduct the MTM UAS analysis, some preliminary considerations are necessary. Besides existing systems boundaries and the general framework of the analysed process, the layout of the system and the process sequences are necessary. The analysis can only be conducted if the process is well documented and performed in a predefined manner. Furthermore is the access to the workplace and a photo permission necessary. Pictures of the delivered materials are taken. The component variance regarding their properties, geometrics, assembly requirements and joining processes have to be known as well as the existing operating procedures.

The analysis of the inputs result in valuable information. The duration of each process step and thus of the complete production process is determined. Critical process steps are discovered during the analysis, i.e. process steps that are poorly designed and lead to time loss. The process steps are classified into value-adding and non-value-adding processes (primary and secondary analysis). This classification can later be used in order to decide which process steps have to be redesigned.

Formats and standards

MTM offers standardised time block tables in which measured times can be filled in and calculated manually. For digitised alternatives, computer-aided procedures such as TiCon4 and ILMOPLAN are available. This software includes interactive layout and assembly planning. To improve the workflow of gathering and calculating data manually, LP-Montagetechnik GmbH developed its own MTM-UAS calculation sheet including primary and secondary analysis. The calculation sheet is based on Excel.

Owner (organization)

LP-Montagetechnik GmbH


Training material for the Methods-Time Measurement MTM Universal Analysis System UAS module are found at the TRINITY trainings platform:

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